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Inspections & Audits

An inspection looks to identify unsafe acts or apparatus within the business and can involve discussions with the staff to understand the root causes of any failings.

Inspections can be targeted to identify if specific equipment or process is operating in a safe and environmentally acceptable way.

An audit is a more in-depth survey of different aspects of the business management system and will follow document trails, check the understanding of the staff and look for supporting evidence to demonstrate that the management system is functioning properly, and the health and safety policy is being met to assess overall compliance with one or more regulations or internal policies.

We can assist you in:

  • Identifying weaknesses / hazards within the systems or processes within your business leading to gathering information and establishing corrective action.
  • Providing reports documenting and identifying processes and hazards in the work place with corrective recommendations.
  • Assessing how management within an organisation undertake their health and safety responsibility and make recommendations to enhance this.

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